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America Pastors Network

The American Pastors Network is a ministry program affiliate of Capstone Legacy Foundation. What started as the Pennsylvania Pastors Network has rapidly spawned the growth of the American Pastors Network.

The APN serves pastors across the country and around the world by providing the truth about the founding of America, and the religious freedoms upon which our government was established. Led by Sam Rohrer, the APN is a dynamic organization with a potential to impact the future of our nation by mobilizing pastors, churches, and ultimately their congregations.
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EITC Scholarship Fund

Did you know that your business can turn your taxes into scholarships that are allocated by state funds? Through the EITC tax credit program, tens of millions of dollars that are allocated for school scholarships, including Christian schools. Businesses receive tax credits when they direct their tax dollars toward scholarship funds through the Capstone Legacy Scholarship program. If your company, or business, pays taxes in the state of Pennsylvania or Virginia, you could qualify for a tax credit of up to 75% the first year, and up to a 90% for two years thereafter. This program is a triple win because is a great way to help needy students, support Christian schools, and receive tax credits 

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