Ensuring Your Gifts Echo into Eternity



Capstone Legacy Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) Christian community foundation dedicated to the preservation of donor intent. We believe that stewarding God's blessings is a form of obedience and worship. Whether you wish to fund good works or do good works, Capstone provides customized giving solutions that enable each dollar to go further. Don't start a foundation, launch a ministry, or rush to distribute windfall gains without considering our range of innovative funding solutions. Contact us to request our public documents. 


Capstone is a community foundation whose mission is to empower givers to increase their generosity by planning strategically and establishing legacies to fund ministries.


The community one in Christ: to unite a missional community to transform the culture and serve each other in love.


Christ-centered, Earning Relationships, Evoking Passion, Empowering Intentional Stewardship, Prayer Guided, Sharing Living Legacies