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For those who have a huge heart for Indigenous people, Broken Walls is a ministry that will touch your heart.

The purpose and passion for this ministry was birthed in Jonathan Maracle in 1995. For the past 28 years, the Broken Walls team has been traveling to Indigenous communities worldwide sharing Love, and building relationships and trust.

  1. The mission is twofold:
    To promote faith and healing in Indigenous communities: the healing of families; the restoration of culture, dignity, and honor; and they also present suicide prevention programs in schools and community centers, partnering with Carry the Cure.
  2. To facilitate a relationship between Indigenous people and their neighboring communities, which includes highlighting the difference between true faith in Jesus vs the destruction that the wrong use of "religion" has had in the past.

Broken Walls also partners with Carry the Cure to do prison ministry work.

Our team aims to share the love of Jesus in a very non-religious but very genuine way. This is of utmost importance to help heal the wounds of the past and facilitate steps towards a better future. Our team integrates cultural music and the beauty of regalia and dancing into our presentations and ministry.

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