Ministry Charity Projects

Have you ever wanted to start a charity or ministry? God called us to be His hands and feet throughout the world. But sometimes we need a helping hand to get started. Capstone's Ministry Charity Project (MCP) “ministry incubator” allows you to hit the ground running and make a maximum impact by using our 501-C(3) status in all 50 states. This allows you to receive tax-free donations online, via mobile, or in person without the expense and hassle of forming your own 501-C(3). Our MCP "incubator” team will handle your day-to-day administrative, legal and accounting paperwork so you can focus on the work you feel called to do.

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Do you have any questions? Do you want to learn more about how to start a Ministry Charity Project? Contact Capstone Today to learn more about Capstone's Heart for Christ and Ministry Charity Project Services.

Start a Ministry From Scratch

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What we Handle...

  • Filing articles of incorporation
  • Forming a board of directors and appointing officers
  • Drafting bylaws, rules, and policy
  • Applying for IRS tax-exemption (which can take 5 years)
  • Filing for an EIN number
  • Completing eligibility tax worksheets
  • Submitting the 11-part form 1023
  • Submitting articles of incorporation
  • Submitting required bylaws
  • Applying for state tax exemption
  • Filing W2 forms and other tax forms for employees
  • Opening bank accounts

MCP Operating Procedures Support

Daily operations of a 501C(3) and Ministry can be a daunting task. Allow the experts to help you. Capstone's MCP Team supports your ministry's daily operating procedures so you can focus on the work God has called you to do.

Procedures Include...

  • Getting Started
  • Contribuiton Collection
    • Cash
    • Online Donations
    • Checks and Money Orders
    • Non-Cash Donations (Examples: real estate or stock)
  • Grant Submission
  • Disbursements
  • Statements
  • Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Ministry Charity Project?

  • A Ministry Charity Project, also known as a Fiscal Sponsorship allows an organization that has not yet been recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under the Code section 501(c)(3) to attract donors who wish to make tax-deductible contributions to the organization.  Capstone, acts as the Sponsor of the organization and provides the administrative services so the sponsored organization can focus on their mission and vision. At Capstone, we refer to the sponsored organization as a Ministry Charity Project, or MCP.  Capstone does not provide funding for your MCP as its Sponsor.

What type of support services can MCPs expect from Capstone?

  • Capstone serves its MCPs by providing the back-office functions of:
    • holding and accounting for the donated assets
    • paying administrative and staffing costs of the MCP from the donated assets
    • obtaining audited financials and an annual audit which includes all MCP financial activity
    • paying expenses, fees and costs of the MCP directly
      • 1099 preparation for vendors and Independent Contractors
      • preparing financial reports and budget reports for the MCP’s management
      • preparing and filing an annual Form 990 tax report for Capstone which includes all MCP financial activity.

Why is it important that Capstone is registered to raise funds in all 50 states?

  • This allows the MCP to immediately raise funds in all 50 United States without having to register with each State which can be labor-intensive and involve a cost factor. (Note: Each state has its own registration process as such a few states have additional requirements, fees, and guidelines that must be taken into consideration during registration.)

When can the MCP begin receiving contributions?

  • Contributions can be received after you have received an email from us that your fund at Capstone is active.

Where are the MCP’s contributions maintained?

  • All assets of MCP’s are held in financial institutions under the discretion of Capstone’s Board of Directors.

What must we know to hire paid staff under a 501C(3)?

  • Paid Staff can be employees (full or part-time) or Independent Contractors (IC). ICs are generally people who are retained for a defined period or scope of work, generally unsupervised, and have their own business. Employees have none of these characteristics. Capstone can help you determine which method, Employee or IC, is best for your circumstances and provide the necessary paperwork to do so. Once it is decided, Capstone must review and approve all paperwork.

Can I view my MCP's activity and contributions online?

  • MCPs have direct password protected and real-time access to their finances. You will be given login credentials once your MCP is active.