Why Donate to Capstone?

As a 501 (c) (3) Christian community foundation, Capstone is a ministry that also functions as a financial institution. We provide back office services for other ministries and we also provide legal and financial help for Christian investors. In each of these capacities, we offer services at rates that are often cheaper than our actual expenses. Capstone therefore accepts direct donations to help support these operating costs.

In other words, Capstone Legacy Foundation incubates charity projects around the world. We are an incubator for ministry work with the lowest administrative costs possible. Your financial support helps us create stability for these servant leaders who are changing lives.

All checks are to be made payable to Capstone Legacy Foundation

The fund designation (name or ID number) must be written in the memo section.

All checks are to be mailed to:


Capstone Legacy Foundation

900 West Valley Road, Suite 203

Wayne, PA  19087