A Spotlight on Parables.TV and Faith on Film

Parables.TV offers exciting entertainment for the whole family. Parables Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) Ministry Charity Project with Capstone Legacy Foundation.

Capstone Legacy Foundation is pleased to celebrate an impressive Ministry Charity Project (MCP) called Parables Foundation, the non-profit arm of Parables.TV.

For those not yet familiar with Parables.TV ( https://www.parables.tv/ ) , it’s a Christian digital video streaming service providing an alternative to secular entertainment.

Created on the premise that “what you watch matters”, Parables features a wide variety of wholesome content that’s fun and safe for anyone’s family.

Their on-demand library includes hundreds of Christian movies, subscription video on demand (SVOD) movies, documentaries,  children’s programming, original productions and TV series not available on many cable and satellite TV channels.

Viewers can watch these shows for free on any internet browser at home or on the website linked above. (A paid subscription is available for those who wish to avoid ads.) 

To market their programming, Parables has aligned with many churches of various denominations to sponsor church events while providing free screening for new movies.

Parables TV is led by Isaac Hernandez, who also serves on the Film Standing Committee with National Religious Broadcasters (NRB).

Isaac has over 40 years of experience in the Christian Television industry which includes directing and producing hundreds of TV shows for the Trinity Broadcasting Network. As Vice President of Acquisitions at Olympusat and General Manager of Parables TV, he is responsible for finding and acquiring programing for multiple networks including Parables TV and Upliftv as well as all overseeing all operations of Parables TV. 

In addition to his work at Parables, Isaac also hosts an online podcast called Faith on Film, a talk show in which he interviews a Christian actor, actress, writer, director and/or producer who is putting their convictions into action to create shows that entertain, educate, minister, heal and evangelize audiences around the world.

Click the link to see an episode of Faith on Film

The show’s simple conversational format hides a deeper truth – that good Christian people work in the Entertainment Industry. 

As dark as Hollywood is, there are many people acting as lights shining the way to wholeness and truth.  More and more of these creatives are contributing to a growing body of Christian entertainment. And all of them want to connect you to Jesus and His life in you.

More than a series of interviews, Isaac’s half-hour show introduces viewers to the greater world of independent Christian entertainment: