COL1972—Fashion for Life!

The Culture of Life Tribe

Culture of Life 1972 (COL1972) is a Christian retail brand reaching out to pop culture through the artistic medium of fashion.

With social media handles @COL1972official on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and @COL1972 on Parler, website COL1972 | Fashion for Life states “we launched Culture of Life 1972 (COL1972) for those who believe that life is always in style… we care about the impact our styles have on future generations. One by one we are leading a fashion movement that protects and values human life. It’s simple: fashion should be good for you. Join our Life Tribe and make a significant social impact for Life.”

Carla, COL co-founder and chief designer started the brand with her daughters in 2019 “as the only pro-life fashion brand in existence. We are purposely countering the culture of death in the fashion industry.”

The 1972 in their name commemorates the last year before the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe versus Wade decision legalized abortion—a time when life was held in higher value than it is now.

As a Christian business that opposes abortion and celebrates life, they also have a non-profit arm with Capstone Legacy Foundation called COL1972 Foundation. This Ministry Charity Project (MCP) allows COL1972 to hold events on college campuses and at high schools to raise awareness of Jesus through fashion. All donations support charitable activities that protect and promote a “Culture of Life.”

Fashion Shows and Marches for Life with College Students

These on-campus events are possible because of donations they receive through the COL1972 Foundation. For a visual sense of these accomplishments, they recently started posting to Instagram.

Carla explained, “Last year we had a march for life. This year we partnered with Liberty University to fund busses and hats for a march on January 29th. COL1972 will have 600 students there representing our brand, and our team will be marching. We provide free breakfast, hats, and granola bars for all the students who come to our events. With 600 students involved, these costs add up! Our foundation helps us cover these expenses.”

Cancel Culture Backlash

As benign as the Culture of Life 1972 concept may sound, it’s message has attracted vicious backlash from pro-abortion forces.

Carla said, “we have been getting cancelled for our beliefs. Facebook and Instagram have been rejecting our posts because they supposedly go against their community standards. But in reality, our posts are getting rejected because conservatives follow us and like our stuff.”

Facebook denied COL1972 on black Friday—one of the strongest shopping days of the year—even though nothing they said mentioned anything specific about abortion or even pro-life.

“We hope members of the Capstone Legacy Foundation community will want to help us keep getting out. We’d like people to buy our products of course, but we also need people to support our foundation.”

Carla added, “we’d love having open-minded liberals following us and liking our stuff. All our verbiage is about love and life.”

Bingo For Babies

COVID-19 certainly started off as a challenge for COL1972, but it quickly became a blessing. Carla explains, “our brand saw a bump in sales when people stuck at home had nothing to do but shop. When our governors started shutting down small businesses, Planned Parenthood stayed open! People couldn’t see their dentists, but they could get abortions! People had masks that said Abortion is Essential, so we got masks that said Life is Essential. These masks resonated not only with our Life Tribe but with others. While people were scared to death of COVID-19 our message took on new meaning for people staying home to protect life.”

With social distancing they couldn’t do their Fashion Show for Life live, so they pivoted to hosting virtual shows on zoom.

The COL1972 team also hatched an idea of online Bingo for Babies, bringing well-known personalities in the pro-life movement to talk to people on zoom  for a virtual game. With help from Abby Johnson, Lisa and Al Robertson of Duck Dynasty, and Alex Clark from Turning Point USA, they sold Bingo cards for $25 each, with all proceeds going to local crisis pregnancy centers.

Although Bingo for Babies began as a COVID-19 workaround, Carla hopes to continue it in the future.

Want to Help?

Considering all COL1972 stands for and does for the community, would you like to help?

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2021 promises great success for this fashion brand on a mission!