ARK HEALING ROOMS “Prayer for Forgiveness”

Dear all,
A relationship with God depends on our obedience to Him. If we heed His commands, we will abide in His love. Obedience is a key to the presence of God – learning to simply rest and stay in God is a spiritual discipline.

Prayer: My beloved one.
How can you be depressed by your own sinfulness when the wonders and joys of my mercy are freely available?
Dear one, why be mailed by the enemy when keys of my unfettered grace can open prison in your life? Why be subject to the relentless condemnation of the evil one when the love of the one who is Almighty is yours to delight in?
Do you not know that the enemy is defeated? Do you not appreciate that you are endlessly forgiven?
I am going to peel away this part of your life and expose the grace that is freely available. I am not obsessed by sin, I have dealt with it by judging Christ. I am obsessed by you loving my grace, and experiencing the joy of my life within your heart.
You have always been forgiven. You must learn to forgive yourself. Become as gracious as your God. Do not nail other people (even if you legitimately ca), but be endlessly forgiving. They who are forgiven much also love much.
Enjoy forgiveness; revel in it! I am not disillusioned with you, for I never had any illusion about you. I have always understood who you are and the struggles you face. Why would I not love you, since I am love itself?
Live as one not condemned, but released. Then take the key of my grace and unlock the prison door of as many captives as you can find. Forgiveness grows when it is employed.
( resource: The Nature of God. Graham Cooke )

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“Life is about learning how much God loves us, not proving how much we love Him.”