Christmas Message from Ark Healing Rooms

Dear all,
Our circumstances are not the house in which we are called to live spiritually. The name of the Lord is our strong tower and refuge, and we have to discipline ourselves to live there, and not in our issues. Mary ran to the feet of Jesus while Martha lived in the kitchen. If you’re enjoying your life at the moment, learn to be happy in the happiness of God. There is a place in God’s heart for you. If you’re in a time of grief, then let God come and comfort you. Either way, God wants to come to you in what is happening. He may come as your Comforter, wrapping His arms around you and holding you tight, even as you cry into his chest. He may come as your Prince of Peace, calming your emotions. He may come as your King of Joy, laughing and swinging you around. Just come to God as you are.
We live by grace. Good days and bad days don’t exist; there are only days of grace. Some days, the grace of God allows you to enjoy life and, other days, endure life. Don’t think about good or bad – just think about grace. “I have grace for this, to enjoy it and to endure it.” Find Mary’s heart, learning to come, to sit, to be, to wait, to rest, to abide in Jesus. Waiting for God is our age’s great discipline. “But those who wait on the lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint” – this is the promise from Isaiah 40:31 for us.
Why are so many Christians stressed out, tired, anxious, burned out, and living with a negative emotional lifestyle? It is our lack of ability to rest and our inability to live in “day-tight” compartments. We allow yesterday’s issues to spill over into the next day. “New every morning” is the promise of God’s compassion and lovingkindness. Just as the Israelites were given new manna every morning in the desert, God’s mercy is always fresh.
( resource: Behold and Becoming – Graham Cooke)
“Life is about learning how much God loves us, not proving how much we love Him.”The Ark Healing RoomsEmail: