Benefits of Opening a Donor Advised Fund

Gain immediate Tax Deductions

  • Get an immediate tax deduction on contributions from individuals, families businesses, and/or organizations.
  • Gain the benefits of forming your own foundation while avoiding the snags and complexities of running it.  
  • If you donate an interest in asset you seek to liquidate, you can offset capital gains while giving more to the charities of your choice. 
  • Get an immediate tax deduction today and take your time to distribute your gifts over time.

Give While Remaining Anonymous 

  • In our polarized world, donating to a noble cause today can bring social scorn tomorrow. To protect your identity, Capstone distributes gifts to a wide portfolio of causes shielding our donors from direct connection to any specific cause, no matter how controversial.
  • Your general contributions to a Donor Advised Fund at Capstone will be publicly known but your specific charitable grants will remain anonymous. 

Save Lots of Time

  • Give now, choose later.
  • Take the tax deduction now and have the luxury to carefully decide distribution later without any distribution regulations as seen with a family foundation.
  • Capstone is a fully 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so your investment in the Kingdom now is fully deductible as allowed by law. Give now, distribute tomorrow, or over the decades to come.