God Is Speaking: Prophecy, Revelations, Dreams and Visions – A Book Review

Prophesy is a very common theme in the Bible. Indeed, the entire book – both Old and New Testaments – was written by prophets. But is prophesy still active today in the Church? Robert Claiborne says YES.

Five years ago, he wrote God is Speaking: Prophecy, Revelations, Dreams and Visions, a book filled with detailed descriptions, encouragements, and warnings about future events.

If Claiborne’s book had been written this year in 2020, it would be easy to dismiss his work as a cursory regurgitation of current events. But his book wasn’t written this year. It was written in 2015, which makes his work much more compelling. In the years since he self-published this volume, many of his predictions have come to pass. Many more may still be in the historical pipeline.

As a prophetic work, some of the things in the book will be tough to process for some readers. This is to be expected. If Claiborne wrote upon promptings of the Holy Spirit, it will take help from the Holy Spirit to read the book and gain from it whatever God wants to show you.

For now, we will leave it at that. If you feel led to buy this book and read it prayerfully, you may be very well rewarded. If you don’t have an interest in checking it out, the time may not be right for you to take a look. But someday, perhaps in the course of the next few decades, you may be surprised at Claiborne’s accuracy.