Inspiring Films, LLC is a motion picture development company with a mission to unite world-class cinema with great redeeming Biblical and Christian themes. It is owned and operated by five experienced international film and TV producers. Out of Inspiring Films, LLC comes Inspiring Films Foundation which is dedicated to the work of the gospel, but specifically the creation and development of movies, TV series and other forms of inspirational programming developed for theatrical release, as well as broadcasting and distribution on various media outlets and services, including theaters, and on television and over the Internet.

CLFYour tax deductible gift is made possible through the Capstone Legacy Foundation, a Pennsylvania community foundation founded in 2005 serving to protect your donation as our financial framework and accountability partner.

Capstone is in IRS terms our “Fiscal Sponsor” and a federally registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization ensuring your gift is put to work to serve the Kingdom of God through the Inspiring Films Foundation.