“Emotional health is the essential ingredient to a positive work experience.” 
Paul and Amie Shumski began LifeGUIDE in 2014 to help bring peace and productivity to the workplace. LifeGUIDE provides chaplaincy services to support business owners by offering emotional help and spiritual hope to their number one primary resource—people. Their passion is to see individuals, couples, families and organizations thrive with emotional well-being and spiritual fulfillment in their lives. The “ministry of presence,” is conducted right where employees are working. Chaplains build relationships, establish trust and earn the right to be heard.

CLFYour tax deductible gift is made possible through the Capstone Legacy Foundation, a Pennsylvania community foundation founded in 2005 serving to protect your donation as our financial framework and accountability partner.

Capstone is in IRS terms our “Fiscal Sponsor” and a federally registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization ensuring your gift is put to work to serve the Kingdom of God through the LifeGUIDE.