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Terry grew up expecting to be an archaeologist discovering the Holy Grail. Instead he found himself in Hollywood supervising chase scenes in the “Terminator” and “Marked For Death.” After 15 years in the business, his life took an unexpected turn causing him to evaluate the art that he was producing. Impressed to create films that inspire and promote positive messages to the global community, he produced and directed the critically acclaimed and award winning documentary film, “The Conscientious Objector.” He is currently shooting two documentaries about poverty and social justice issues.

An honors graduate of Pepperdine University, Terry is often found on the speaking circuit. His passion to inspire students to be accountable for the art and media they produce led him to form the Shae organization. He continues working as a filmmaker, mentor, and loves exploring the world with his family.

Shae Foundation’s purpose is to inspire the creative spirit in artists and guide them to explore their God-given gifts to create positive change in the world. Through all art forms, including photography, film, print, and interactive media, Shae creates beautiful media to stir hearts by telling stories that will impact an audience and cause them to think, be moved, and take action for the betterment of the global community.


We mentor the next generation of artists to
use their skills in creating positive change. 
Join our team, work on meaningful projects, and be
inspired on both a professional and personal level.


At Shae we hope to stir change by telling
good stories, and we do this by creating
beautiful media. We aim to affect our
audience in a way that will cause them to
think, be moved, and take action.

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