Parables Foundation is a new organization dedicated to supporting Parables TV’s mission to empower minds and strengthen faith and family values through world-class content and digital media. Parables Foundation offers audiences the opportunity to support Parables’ free on-demand and live streaming services, as well as the cause of the choosing, by simply donating to the foundation. Parables Foundation acts as a liaison between the viewer and their favorite cause, allowing the viewer to contribute in a positive way and become part of the solution.

Parables Foundation may provide ministries and donors with charitable giving solutions that provide tax savings and are easy to implement. In this way, the foundation encourages investors wanting to impact the Christian film and media industry through contributions and donations.

CLFYour tax deductible gift is made possible through the Capstone Legacy Foundation, a Pennsylvania community foundation founded in 2005 serving to protect your donation as our financial framework and accountability partner.

Capstone is in IRS terms our “Fiscal Sponsor” and a federally registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization ensuring your gift is put to work to serve the Kingdom of God through the American Pastors Network (APN).