Xperience Kingdom Connection

Xperience Kingdom Connection (XKC) was created to work with young men and women, who are introduced to us through outreach initiatives, and group home/rehab ministry work, during their challenging pivotal times, to offer them an opportunity for a balanced, peaceful and productive life.

We believe that in Christ, they can do all things, and be who He called them to be, to fulfill their destiny. In uncovering their talents, gifts and passions, and by imparting a sense of identity and purpose, they will be discipled, trained and prepared for a fuller career; and then, they will be asked to do the same for others as part of their journey in life.

All checks are to be made payable to Capstone Legacy Foundation

The fund designation (name or ID number) must be written in the memo section.

All checks are to be mailed to:


Capstone Legacy Foundation

900 West Valley Road, Suite 203

Wayne, PA 19087